NON GRATA | Roma people from 10 european countries

For the past 9 years, Swedish photographer Åke Ericson , has been documenting the life of the Roma peoples‘ daily life across Europe in 17 journeys.  This commitment has taken him on a journey through Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Kosovo, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Switzerland, Spain and Slovakia to bear witness to these shunned societies. The resulting photographs create an honest portrait of a community ‘Non Grata’. Latin for “undesirable” or “not welcome” Ericson’s title suggests the discrimination many Roma face in daily life due to their last name or complexion. These photographs will be published for the first time in this new book, NON GRATA, to coincide with an exhibition of the project at Atelier für Photographie, Berlin from 27 April – 24 May 2018 and at La Moulinette Gallery, Paris from 20 September – 7 October 2018.

Opening 26 April 7pm

Thursday – Saturday 2pm – 6pm